Webinar: Reform, Not Repeal: PA Can Provide Property Tax Relief and Protect Public Schools

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Property taxes are a hot topic in Pennsylvania, and property taxes are high in some Pennsylvania school districts, but compared to the national average and neighboring states, school property taxes are moderate in most communities. High property taxes are the exception, not the norm.

Rather than eliminate property taxes, as some have proposed, Pennsylvania can take steps to reform its assessment system, improve its property tax relief programs, and do a better job targeting school property tax relief to those particular communities – and individuals – for whom property taxes are a larger-than-average share of income

PBPC Research Director Michael Wood highlights the findings and recommendations of our new report "Reform, Not Repeal: Pennsylvania Can Provide Property Tax Relief and Protect Public Schools," and guest presenters identify problems with current property tax elimination proposals.  Guests are: Jim Buckheit, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators; Ken Regal, Executive Director, Just Harvest; and Janel Gleeson, Legislative Counsel, Pennsylvania Bar Association.


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