"Raise the Wage PA" 2015 Kick-Off Event

February 9, 2015 - 12:00pm


It's Time to Raise the Minimum Wage in Pennsylvania!

Raise the Wage PA 2015 Kick-Off Event

 Monday, Febuary 9, 2015 Noon to 3:00 p.m.

Grace United Methodist Church, 216 State St. Harrisburg

Pennsylvania is the only state in the region with a $7.25 per hour minimum wage.  We are organizing to win at least a $10.10 per hour minimum wage for Pennsylvania! 

Over 70% of Pennsylvanians support the higher minimum wage and over 1 million low wage workers will get a raise if we succeed.

Join labor, religious, community, civil rights, & women’s groups, elected officials, and low-wage workers as we kick off our campaign for a fair minimum wage in PA. The event will include some top-notch speakers and informative workshops [details below].

Register for the event -- even if you previously registered for the original event on January 26th which was postponed -- so that we can order lunches and prepare materials.   RSVP on Facebook to get updates via social media.

Download the flier and help spread the word!

Raise the Wage PA 112 N. Broad St. 11th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102 215-557-0822 www.RaisetheWagePA.org, Facebook.com/RaisetheWagePA, @RaisetheWagePA


12:00 Noon: Sign in and pick up boxed lunches

12:55 PM: Opening Plenary
Rick Bloomingdale, PA AFL-CIO; Bill Sponsors Rep. Patty Kim & Sen. Tina Tartaglione; Rep. Gene DiGirolamo; Charlie Crystle, CEO Lancaster Food Co.; Rev. Sandy Strauss, PA Council of Churches; Blanding Watson, PA NAACP; Jerome Ellison; John Dodds, Philadelphia Unemployment Project

1:00 – 1:45 PM: Workshops

Debunking Myths About the Minimum Wage
Presenter: Mark Price, Keystone Research Center
Come hear what opponents have to say about raising the minimum wage, and why they’re wrong.

Tipped Minimum Wage
Presenter: Meg Fosque, Restaurant Opportunities Center
Learn about how the subminimum wage for tipped workers forces them to experience economic insecurity and sexual harassment, how the issue connects to broader fights for working families and women, and why the restaurant industry has been successful in maintaining a subminimum wage for tipped workers for so long.

Local Organizing & Social Media
Presenters: State Senator Art Haywood; Estina Baker, Working America
Learn how to organize in your communities and on social media.

Minimum Wage Legislation in the General Assembly
Presenters: John Meyerson, UFCW 1776; Rep. Marc Gergely; Amanda Wolf, staff of Sen. Tartaglione
The bill to increase the minimum wage will not move through the Legislature by itself. Let's talk about what we have to do to get PA a raise.

Wage Theft
Presenters: Nadia Hewka, Community Legal Services; Marielle Macher, Community Justice Project
Hear from a worker who fought back against wage theft in the workplace and learn practical info for dealing with this widespread problem. Also hear from advocates about how and why the laws are failing to protect PA workers.

Messaging and Polling
Presenter: Richard Kirsch, Roosevelt Institute
Hear the latest polling data about minimum wage and messages that have been found to be effective around the country.

Results from Other Cities and States
Presenters: Yannet Lathrop, National Employment Law Project; Nikki Kemp, Fight for 15
Presentation on successful state campaigns around the country and fast food organizing in Pennsylvania.

Working with Small Business
Presenters: Alissa Barron-Menza, Business for a Fair Minimum Wage; Charlie Crystle, CEO Lancaster Food Co.
Hear why many businesses support a higher minimum wage, and how we can get them involved in the fight.

1:55 PM: Closing Plenary 
The Economics of Low Wages & Wage Stagnation: Mark Price, Keystone Research Center; Messaging/polling/other states- Richard Kirsch

Lobbying preparation & information about a coordinated local week of legislative visits: John Meyerson

2:303:00 PM: March to the Capitol and visit legislators with leave behind materials to Raise the Wage!

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