Education Funding in 2010-11 State Budget

Governor Ed Rendell and the General Assembly agreed to a 2010-11 budget that provides a $250 million increase in the basic education subsidy for school districts.

The increase in basic education funding is offset by cuts to early childhood programs, literacy services, libraries, job training and several other programs.  Higher education was flat-funded in 2010-11.

Total basic education funding (including state funding and funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) was increased by 5.1%. With this increase, state basic education funding will remain below 2008-09 levels. With the continuation of $654.7 million in federal ARRA funds, basic education spending will total $5.78 billion.

Special education is level-funded at $1.03 billion for the third year.  ARRA funds distributed directly to school districts pay for some additional costs.

To read more about education funding in the budget, view PBPC's 2010-11 budget analysis.

The Pennsylvania School Funding Campaign, of which PBPC is a member, thanked lawmakers and the Governor for the increase in basic education funding in 2010-11, but noted that schools continue to face serious funding shortfalls.

“We appreciate the very difficult economic context in which this budget was negotiated, and we are mindful that many line items, including many education programs, that benefit children and families sustained real cuts,” said Ronald R. Cowell, President of The Education Policy and Leadership Center and a School Funding Campaign spokesperson.

Read the full statement from the Pennsylvania School Funding Campaign on the budget.