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HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center released the following statement from Director Marc Stier on the study, “Pennsylvania: A 21st Century Tax Code for the Commonwealth,” released today by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center Director Marc Stier made the following statement after the General Assembly passed a budget spending plan that will now be sent to Governor Wolf:

"When Governor Wolf released his budget proposal in March, we noted that his plan had the right priorities but, given the political realities he faced, understandably did not put forward initiatives bold enough to close the deep public investment deficit in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians should feel the same about the general appropriations bill that passed through the General Assembly today.

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center released the following statement from Director Marc Stier on the current state of SB22, the redistricting reform bill:

“The current version of SB22 is a deeply flawed bill. As modified by Senator Folmer, it fails to provide Pennsylvanians with the redistricting reform we deserve. Supporters claim it creates an independent redistricting commission that operates under rules that prohibit partisan gerrymandering, but we know that the omnibus amendment proposed by Senator Folmer falls short of fixing its profound structural weaknesses in three basic ways.

A new statewide poll shows that a lack of state funding for public education is at odds with the priorities of Pennsylvanians of all political persuasions.

The Republican who have again introduced legislation to create “work requirements” for recipients of Medicaid and SNAP (also known as Food Stamps) may well be motivated in part by their desire to encourage more Pennsylvanian’s to hold jobs. But their punitive and bureaucratic proposal will not do enough to help people work and may well actually make it harder for them to do so. At the same time, it will make it harder for people who deserve health care and food assistance to secure it while not saving our state much money. And at the same time, they proposals will damage the health care industry and raising insurance premiums for all of us.

Marc Stier, Director of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, made the following statement following the release of the Trump Administration's proposed federal budget for FY 2019:


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