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Gov. Tom Wolf presented his 2019-20 State Budget Proposal on February 5th, 2019.  The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center will be posting analysis, infographics and related documents on this page as they become available. Check back often for the latest updates.

HARRISBURG — The Keystone Research Center and the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center applaud the reintroduction of the Pennsylvania Promise (SB111 / HB244), legislation that would make college debt-free and affordable for Pennsylvania students.  The legislation is based largely on a plan jointly released by PBPC and KRC in January titled “The Pennsylvania Promise: Making College Affordable and Securing Pennsylvania’s Economic Future.”

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center released the following statement from Director Marc Stier on the study, “Pennsylvania: A 21st Century Tax Code for the Commonwealth,” released today by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center Director Marc Stier made the following statement after the General Assembly passed a budget spending plan that will now be sent to Governor Wolf:

"When Governor Wolf released his budget proposal in March, we noted that his plan had the right priorities but, given the political realities he faced, understandably did not put forward initiatives bold enough to close the deep public investment deficit in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians should feel the same about the general appropriations bill that passed through the General Assembly today.

In 2014, Pennsylvania became the second-largest natural gas producer in the U.S. and remains so today, behind only Texas.  In 2017, gas production exceeded 5.3 trillion cubic feet and continues to rise. Despite rising production, Pennsylvania remains the only major gas-producing state that allows companies to drill without paying taxes that increase with the volume of gas extracted. 

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center released the following statement from Director Marc Stier on the current state of SB22, the redistricting reform bill:

“The current version of SB22 is a deeply flawed bill. As modified by Senator Folmer, it fails to provide Pennsylvanians with the redistricting reform we deserve. Supporters claim it creates an independent redistricting commission that operates under rules that prohibit partisan gerrymandering, but we know that the omnibus amendment proposed by Senator Folmer falls short of fixing its profound structural weaknesses in three basic ways.

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