Resources from 2012 Pennsylvania Budget Summit

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center hosted its annual Pennsylvania Budget Summit in Harrisburg today, providing an in-depth look at the state and federal budget plans and what they mean for communities and families across Pennsylvania.

Sharon Ward, PA Budget and Policy

PBPC Director Sharon Ward and Research Director Michael Wood presented an overview of the state's revenue performance and the Governor's proposed 2012-13 budget. Watch their presentation.

Joan Huffer, Director of the Federal Budget Initiative for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, gave attendees an intro to the federal budget and what it means for Pennsylvania. Watch her presentation.

And Matthew Knittel, the Director of the Independent Fiscal Office, provided some insight into the role his office will play in the budget process.

Joan Huffer
Joan Huffer, Center on Budget and
Policy Priorities

Attendees also heard a legislative perspective on the budget during a lunch panel featuring Senator Vincent Hughes, Minority Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and Representative Scott Petri, Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

Workshops included strategies for talking about the state budget and the economy, the future of education, health care and human services, effective uses of social media, lessons from successful budget campaigns in other states, and much more.

Below are resources from the Summit, including the agenda, presenter bios and PowerPoint presentations from the opening morning sessions. And for a quick recap, watch Fox 43's news report on the Budget Summit.

Below are resources, including PowerPoint presentations, educational materials and video clips, from the Budget Summit.

Agenda, Bios and Packet Materials

View the Final Agenda

View Presenter Bios
2012-13 Budget Analysis: Taking PA in the Wrong Direction

Op-ed: Gov. Corbett's Budget Moves State in Wrong Direction

Revenue Tracker: January Close to Revenue Targets But Corporate Taxes Continue to Lag

PowerPoint Presentations

Plenary Sessions

The Road to Prosperity? The 2012-13 State Budget, Michael Wood and Sharon Ward, Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center

Federal Budget Outlook for 2012 and How it Could Affect States, Joan Huffer, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

PA Budget Summit Presentation, Matthew Knittel, Independent Fiscal Office

Breakout Sessions

When Everyone Said it Couldn’t Be Done: Case Studies of Successful Revenue Campaigns

New Tools for Advocacy: Using Social Media for Advocacy Campaigns

Watch PBPC's 2012-13 State Budget Presentation

Watch Joan Huffer's Federal Budget Presentation