Two Critical Federal Tax Credits for Working Families Are in Jeopardy

Two Tax Credits that Work For PA: Click to enlargeThis spring Congress will be acting on a long-term deficit reduction plan that could mean deep cuts to tax credits for working families — including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC). The budget passed by the U.S. House on March 21 would let improvements to the EITC and CTC enacted in 2009 expire and requires billions in new spending cuts that Congress would likely take from the refundable portion of the tax credits.

Deficit reduction should not fall on the backs of low-income working families. The EITC and CTC help working families make ends meet by both rewarding work and recognizing the additional expenses of raising children. Together, the credits bring $3.6 billion into Pennsylvania’s economy each year. Nearly 900,000 families benefit from the EITC and 1.5 million from the CTC.

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Public Citizens for Children and Youth, Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, United Way of Pennsylvania, and the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania are partnering to tell your stories to policymakers and the public about how important the EITC and CTC are to you and your families.

Learn More and Take Action

EITC and CTC Helps Pa. Families: Read a fact sheet about the benefits these tax credits deliver to working families in Pennsylvania.

EITC and CTC Benefits by Congressional District: Read fact sheets on the economic benefits of the EITC and CTC in each of Pennsylvania's 18 Congressional Districts.

"EITC Helps Me" on Facebook: Like the campaign's Facebook Page.

EITC Helps Me Flyer: If you work with clients in Pennsylvania, print out and share this “EITC Helps Me” flyer, which explains how Pennsylvanians can share their stories. (Click here to download a release form that you can use with clients who agree to submit their stories and/or photos.)

Sign-on Letter: Add your name and organization to a letter to Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation, urging them to oppose deficit reduction plans that include altering or reducing the EITC and CTC. The deadline to sign on is Noon on April 8.