PBPC's Statement on Governor Wolf's Budget Address

PBPC's Statement on Governor Wolf's Budget Address

February 9, 2016

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Marc Stier, stier@pennbpc.org

In response to Governor Wolf’s 2016-17 budget proposal the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center issued this statement from PBPC director Marc Stier:

“Pennsylvania is at a crossroads. We face a stark choice between two different paths. The first embraces the common sense approach, supported by both Democrats and Republicans, that has long guided our state. It enhances education for our kids, and their future employers. It accepts the responsibility to take care of the disabled, ill and aged who, through no fault of their own, need our help. And it asks Pennsylvanians, and especially natural gas drillers, banks, financial corporations, and the wealthy, to pay a bit more to attain these goals. 

Rather than asking corporations and wealthy to pay more, the second path would give us devastating budget cuts that abandon Pennsylvania’s historic commitment to providing educational opportunity and protecting the vulnerable. This path would sabotage future economic growth and the lives of our children based on a shriveled and misguided idea of what Pennsylvanians desire and can afford from their state government. Our state government tried the extreme path of radical budget cuts in 2011. And the voters of Pennsylvania rejected it. We cannot go down that path again.

Governor Wolf has rightly chosen the first path. But his proposed investments in education and proposals for new revenues are too modest. He does not ask enough of the corporations and the wealthy. With more revenue, collected in a fairer way, Pennsylvania could more boldly take the first path that works for all of us."