PBPC Urges PA House Republicans to Remove Divisive Infograph


On Thursday afternoon the official Twitter feed for the Pennsylvania House Republicans began circulating an infographic noting that Philadelphia would get 32 percent of the increase in school funding proposed by Gov. Wolf and asked the question “Do you want to pay a huge tax hike to support that plan?”

In 2011-12 Philadelphia endured 35 percent of the total classroom funding cuts experienced by all school districts across the state, despite having only 12% of the state’s classroom population.


Partly as a result of these cuts and similar deep cuts in other large city districts with concentrated poverty, Pennsylvania has the largest funding gap in the nation between its richest and poorest school districts.

Gov. Wolf has proposed restoring school funding cut in 2011-12, which means Philadelphia would get a share of restoration funding similar to its share of the cuts.

We urge the Pennsylvania House Republicans to withdraw this divisive infographic targeted against a high-poverty school district with a majority African American student population and ask that Republicans and Democrats continue to work together in the budget process to establish more adequate and equitable school funding for the benefit of all Pennsylvania children.