PBPC Calls for “Yes” Vote on Revenue Package

Oct. 7, 2015

Ellen Lyon, 717-255-7156

PBPC Calls for “Yes” Vote on Revenue Package

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center urges members of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives to support the revenue package coming up for consideration today in their chamber. Voting for the package requires both political courage to do the difficult but right thing and common sense to see the obvious. Pennsylvania needs more revenue coming in to meet its obligations, close its structural deficit, protect its vulnerable citizens and make the kind of investment in education that voters want and every school child deserves.

Four years of budget cuts to education and human services have not done the trick, nor will further cuts. PBPC released a report yesterday examining the experience of five states, including Pennsylvania, since 2011. Three of the states – Kansas, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – cut taxes and education funding. The other two states – California and Minnesota -- raised taxes to improve their fiscal health and reinvest in education. The two states that raised revenues enjoy substantially higher job and revenue growth and state school funding per pupil than the three states that relied on tax cuts.

It’s time here in Pennsylvania to reinvest in our children and rebuild our communities rather than retrench in the false hope that less will one day bring more. We call on our representatives in the People’s House to do the people’s will and vote today for the revenue to restore school funding, protect human services and balance our state budget for real.