Education Facts: State Support of School Funding in Pennsylvania

Education Facts

State support of public school classrooms is $812 million less in the 2012-13 Fiscal Year than it was in 2010-11, or an average reduction of $459 per student.

In 2011-12, lawmakers cut classroom funding in six specific programs by $853 million from the previous year. The state Basic Education Funding subsidy was cut by $420 million, and Accountability Block Grant program dollars were reduced by $154 million. Reimbursements to school districts for children attending charter schools, tutoring costs and school improvement grants were eliminated — resulting in a net loss of revenue for schools of $279 million.

The 2012-13 budget added back about $52 million in Basic Education Funding subsidies to 17 financially distressed school districts, but otherwise locked in the remaining classroom cuts from the prior year's budget.

School districts with poorer student populations and in areas of lower economic wealth  received a disproportionate share of these cuts — making it harder for these districts to avoid deep cuts to classrooms.

Other districts, with more local wealth, received state funding cuts, as well. However, the cuts were smaller and the districts were often able to reduce the impact of the cuts by increasing local funding — often through higher property taxes.

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