Education Facts: Pennsylvania Public School Enrollment

Education Facts: Public School Enrollment

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In 2013-14, Pennsylvania’s public schools enrolled 1,750,059 students in grades Pre-K through 12 across the state’s 500 school districts. Of these students, 92.6% are enrolled in district-run schools and 7.4% attend charter schools.

Two enrollment trends of note have occurred since 2004-05. Total public enrollment has declined by 4.3%, or 78,030 students. Over that same period, the share of students enrolled in district-run schools has declined, while enrollment in charter schools, including cyber charters, is on the rise. First authorized by the General Assembly in 1997, charter school enrollment has grown to 128,716 students in 2013-14. Almost half of charter school students are enrolled in Philadelphia (60,648), and 3.2% (6,321) of charter students attend cyber charters.


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[1] Enrollment figures taken from October counts reported to Pennsylvania Department of Education.

[2] Detailed reports of individual schools show larger total attendance (1,792,258 in 2013-14) and a smaller decline (2%) over the same period. Statewide figures are being used to avoid possible double counting of students.