Citizens Deliver Pie to Lawmakers with Message to Close Loopholes

Peg Dierkers, executive director of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and co-chair of Better Choices for Pennsylvania, holding a pie and summing up the human impact of budget cuts. Watch video of the press conference.

With a pie in one hand and a list of tax loopholes in the other, Pennsylvania citizens delivered a message to state lawmakers today — we can restore cuts that have hurt seniors, children and families without raising taxes. By closing loopholes and delaying tax cuts for corporations, lawmakers can enact a better budget.

"Close the loopholes, grow the revenue pie, and make our tax system fair for all," said Stephen Drachler, executive director of United Methodist Advocacy in Pennsylvania and co-chair of Better Choices for Pennsylvania. "That way we can meet the needs of all our citizens and improve their lives."

Better Choices for Pennsylvania, a coalition of organizations working for a responsible state budget, organized the "grow the revenue pie" event Monday, along with the faith community, and advocates for women, school children, college students, and people with disabilities.

Volunteer pie deliverers stopped by each lawmaker’s office to drop off a pie and a handout that contrasts existing tax loopholes with funding cuts that could be restored by closing the loophole. In each case, additional revenue could help fund vital services without raising taxes.

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