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Here is an up-to-date table of proposed General Fund spending by department (June 30, 2014)

Here is how the Senate budget proposal works out on paper - including program funding levels.  We will have commentary and analysis of this later today.


Harrisburg (June 12, 2014) – As state legislators face a $1.5 billion state budget shortfall, a new analysis by the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (PBPC) shows that corporate net income tax (CNIT) payments made by drillers have fallen to pre-Marcellus levels even as gas production has boomed.

The Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office's updated revenue estimates for the remainder of 2013-14 and its initial estimate for 2014-15 reveal a $1.3 billion deficit in the revenue projections the Governor's Office used in its 2014-15 budget proposal. Without new revenue, $1 billion or more will be cut from Pennsylvania schools, hospitals, and human service providers.

May 2, 2014

Fiscal Year-to-Date revenues fall below 2012-13 levels in April. Revenues now over $500 million below estimate in 2013-14.

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