PA Employment

National Unemployment Rate 6.7%
Pennsylvania Unemployment Rae 6.2%
Change in Pa. Unemployment Rate since Dec. 2007 +1.7
Total Pennsylvania Nonfarm Jobs 5,766.000

The Great Recession and the slow economic recovery that followed have hit Pennsylvania families hard. Unemployment in the commonwealth remains high, and many people are struggling to make ends meet. In February, Pennsylvania's unemployment rate stood at 6.2%, one-half of a percentage point below the U.S. rate of 6.7%.

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Innovative Career Programs Would Help More High-School Students Succeed

Employers with Good Jobs Also Benefit 

Wolf Budget Raises Revenue to Reinvest in Schools

Republican budget leaves a $2.3 billion deficit in the next fiscal year

Creating Jobs, Promoting Self-Reliance and Saving Money for Taxpayers

Gov. Wolf’s budget would increase state funds for vocational rehabilitation by $5 million, which would give the commonwealth access to an additional $18.5 million in matching federal funds.  

The Republican budget would increase state funds for vocational rehabilitation by $200,000.

Wolf budget would reboot PA’s clean energy investments with portion of severance tax

Gov. Wolf would restore $10 million in funds for industry partnerships.

The Republican budget would provide only $1.67 million for industry partnerships, undercutting their ability to help employers struggling to find skilled workers.

(HARRISBURG, Pa.) -- Sept. 16, 2015 --Harrisburg has become preoccupied with budget process and tactics in recent weeks. But what Pennsylvanians need is a good budget outcome – a budget that reinvests in education, jobs and communities using revenues from a severance tax, provides property tax relief and puts the state’s fiscal house in order.

To refocus attention on the key budget choices that legislators and Gov. Wolf must make, the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center launched “Why the Budget Matters – Let’s Count the Ways.”

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