Why the Budget Matters: Count the Ways

(HARRISBURG, Pa.) -- Sept. 16, 2015 -- Harrisburg has become preoccupied with budget process and tactics in recent weeks. But what Pennsylvanians need is a good budget outcome – a budget that reinvests in education, jobs and communities using revenues from a severance tax, provides property tax relief and puts the state’s fiscal house in order.

To refocus attention on the key budget choices that legislators and Gov. Wolf must make, the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center launched “Why the Budget Matters – Let’s Count the Ways.”

These regular communications highlight specific differences between the priorities in – and values expressed by – the budget Gov. Wolf unveiled in March and HB 1192, the budget passed by House and Senate Republicans in late June. (HB1192 is also the budget the legislative majority is using as the basis for a Senate stopgap funding bill). This series will let Pennsylvanians count for themselves the many ways that a sustainable investment budget will positively impact real people.                                                                                                                                                                     

Way No. 1: Basic Education Funding

Way No. 2: Higher Education Funding

Way No. 3: Workforce Development Funding

Way No. 4: Pre-Kindergarten Funding

Way No. 5: Head Start Funding

Way No. 6: A Severance Tax

Way No. 7: Community Revitalization and Affordable Housing

Way No. 8: Minimum Wage Increase

Way No. 9: Bond Ratings

Way No. 10: Mental Health Funding

Way No. 11: Property Tax Relief

Way No. 12: Clean Energy Jobs

Way No. 13: Intellectual Disability Community Base Funds
                     & Emergency Services Waiting List

Way No. 14: Vocational Training

Way No. 15: Job Growth

Way No. 16: Career & Technical Education